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Nature Calling

I have no water supply at the apartment today.. which means as much as I can I want to avoid using the bathroom too. No shower till 8.30pm today is no problem for me.. I can even control my water intake so I don’t have to pee so but the BIG business.. no stopping […]

Good Luck My Friend

One my friends is going into insurance to earn extra money. I tried to convinced her to go into blogging but as the income is not stable, she’s a bit hesitant. So now she got to find potential clients to give term life insurance quotes to. It’s not easy as most people already have insurance […]

The Heat is On

I woke up this morning feeling like I’m in some metal buildings without any fan or air conditioning. I was suffocating for air and I couldn’t breath. I felt like the whole oxygen was sucked out of the air and I was drowning though I was no where near any water source. It was only […]

Too Hot

I’m really disliking this hot weather as even the day creams that I’m using seems too oily for me now. It gets worse when we have to go out on the motorbike as there is no air conditioning that I can blast on my face to keep it cool! When will this weather cool down. […]

To Note

Ever since Mama has been ill, Abah has not only been neglecting his garden but even his pond is suffering. I think even the fishes in there are dying as he hasn’t change the water in a while and since the pond kits are faulty, the water is really getting dirty. A has mentioned that […]

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