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A Decade of Love

This month on the 25th, My Azwaj and I would be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for a DECADE! I can still remember our first date, the day I met his parents and our wedding day. God it seems only yesterday we exchanged pictures! Azwaj and I didn’t […]

A Technical Wife

Just what is a Technical Wife, you may ask. Well it simply means that being a wife to a computer hardware guy like my hubby is, I am expected to know what is an ethernet switch, an ethernet card, a Cat 5 cable, RJ45, face plates, patch panel and media converters. Wow that was a […]

What Would You Sacrifice for Love?

Love conquers all. Or so they say. Love goes beyond all boundaries and for love you leave your family and friends. For love you sacrifice everything even your own life. How true is this sentiment? In today’s world, with self gratification being on the top of the list, is there place for love to survive.? […]

Passionate Together

Part of being a great life partner is to share activities together. If before marriage, you love to hang out with him fishing, the kids should not be an excuse to not go with him anymore. If before marriage, you share his passion in cars, why should that stop after marriage. If you don’t know […]

Love Being Woman

I just love being a woman. Let me re-phrased that. I love being my husband’s woman. Especially since he pampers me so. I don’t have to carry heavy stuff if I don’t want to, I don’t have to work so hard if I don’t need to and household chores like changing the lighting, curtains and […]

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