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Every Man Need to See This

Make sure you do exactly as told ok 🙂 Cheerio… First Two Commenter Gets Linky Love Point from LadyJava.Thanks for all your comments? ? ?MariucaBill

Medical Bills

Medical fees are over the roof nowadays and every cent that we can get from any charitable bodies or even from our own entitlement, be it from social security or in our case here, CPF, is welcomed. However, sometimes getting those those funds dispersed to us is quite a challenge and that is why organization, […]

Am I Wise?

You know what makes great company for weight loss? Vitamins! Lots of vitamins! I reckon what I’m missing in protein and carbs, I’ll make up for it with vitamin C and Omega capsule and because I’ll probably need iron and folate acid as well, I’ll even throw in some prenatal vitamins, just in case! lol! […]

Be Gone Cellulite!

Still on the topic of detoxing (though I said it can wait in my previous I’m intrigue by a quick trim burn and cleanse product that I found online. It not only makes you lose weight and fat in 14 days, but it also rids the body of toxins. Now does that mean, my […]

Detox Can Wait

I’ve decided a few days back that I needed to detox desperately and I even got my colon cleansing pills all ready, however it is proving real difficult to start especially since the indigestion is all gone. One of the reason is usually when I detox and take the colon cleanser, I would frequent the […]

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