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My Grief with Bifocals

Have I blogged lately how my bifocal specs is giving me grief? Well let it be on the record now that I am hating my bifocal specs. I mean the idea is great and all that it will enabled me to read stuff without needing to push my specs down my nose but it’s not […]


Fancy Dresses

I used to have clothing for any occasion, from casual to formal black tie event, my choices are endless and if I don’t have anything suitable, I normally just go out shopping so that I have something appropriate to wear to the event. However ever since I stopped working and there is not as many events for […]


Shoes and Me

All my life I always known that I was a handbag person. I can’t pass by the handbag section of the departmental store without stopping a few minutes just looking at the selections they have. Most of the time however, window shopping, always turn to a “purchase” shopping because I always find excuses on how […]

My Wardrobe Broke!

I have a plastic wardrobe that I store all my long dresses in. Since I don’t access it that often, it sits in the store room but easily accessible whenever I need anything from it. Anyway, I was in the store room yesterday and I noticed that the wardrobe was slightly leaning to the side. […]

Next Purchase: Cordless Headphones

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