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My Grief with Bifocals

Have I blogged lately how my bifocal specs is giving me grief? Well let it be on the record now that I am hating my bifocal specs. I mean the idea is great and all that it will enabled me to read stuff without needing to push my specs down my nose but it’s not […]


Range Longing

I cooked today.. haha.. and after quite a while too. I reckon since I got these ginormous prawns from Sarawak, I might as well make sure they cook well and what better way than to do it myself right? Well the cooking part of course is another story to be told in my food blog. […]



Both me and Azwaj are looking for office chairs for the home office. I want a comfortable one that has a high back while Azwaj wants something without handrest. We are also looking for comfy chairs that Azwaj can use while he plays the guitar, something like the ones that can be found on . […]

New Speakers Please

I am in the market for some very good JBL speakers. The speakers that I have currently does the job but the left side is already not working so much so that sometimes when listening to songs or watching a movie online sounds really unbalanced.  I’m not complaining much though  coz these speakers have been […]

My Peugeot Dream Car

Azwaj just browsing at Mudahdotcom and he saw this fantastic car for sale. He showed it to me and I fell in love with it immediately. I’ve always wanted a cute little car like this to call my own. I can imagine driving this beauty back to Singapore with the top down with the wind […]

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