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Shout to the World

At times I just want to shut up and be as quiet as possible but sometimes I want to shout to the world and when that happens I wished I had the great audix om2 microphone in hand so everyone can hear me loud and clear and understand what I am feeling inside though sometimes […]

lespaul guitar

Hand in Hand

Once upon a time, musicians to me was just to accompany the singer but now ever since I married a musician, I tend to appreciate them more. Yes, a singer can sound great without musicians and can even sing “minus one” but if there was a guitarist alongside with him with an epiphone les paul standard […]


Sound Better With a Tuner

My dearest Azwaj has a great ear and most often than not, he tunes his guitars without needing any tuner whatsoever and it still sounds great. However, if you are a beginner and you are looking for a tuner, then why not try the exceptional polytune mini at guitar center so that your guitar will […]

Rest in Peace Shoe

My favorite shoe is worn out for sure. The sole has flapped open and I doubt there is any way to salvage it. I’ve tried putting on some shoe glue and holding it down with destaco clamp though and hope that works. If it doesn’t.. well time to let it rest in peace then. Thank […]

Business Card: Done!

I just recently designed and made my business cards (FINALLY! It’s simple yet informative and I love it! So now when I go to events, I can give them out as oppose to telling them I ran out (totally untrue since I don’t have in the first place). Anyway, next I am planning to make […]

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