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Happy International Women’s Day

It’s our day woman!   Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***

Great Buy Slippers

I got a pair of the open toe house slippers for Christmas a couple years ago and I must say, these are the cutest and most comfortable slippers I have ever owned. I tend to go barefoot a lot and my heels are starting to show the effects of that, so my mom got me […]


Watch Galore

If you are looking to get a watch as a Valentine’s present for that someone special, well how about getting one from Caravelle by Bulova, the largest selling jeweled watch in America? I know I would love to get one for Valentine’s day or any day for that matter…lol.. Watch is good but JEWELED watch is better right? Cheerio… LadyJava […]

awan sheba

Thank You So Much!

OMPaw.. bring out the partagas cigars. We have over 400 LIKES on Awan’s Facebook page since we join the Sheba Catwalk contest! We feel so blessed to have so many supporters and we hope this will continue till at least 30th December when the contest ends. So thank you again to all LIKERS but don’t […]


Jazz Up That Wardrobe

I always say the right kind of accessories or  designer jewelry can enhance and totally make an otherwise “plain jane” dress to something that you can wear to a glamorous event. So if you are looking to get some fantastic ones to jazz up your wardrobe, then make sure you check out the link here […]

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