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Resting Weekend

I’ve had been extra busy these past few weeks. From rushing out jobs and leaving last minute to Singapore to yet another busy schedule, I have not had moment rest at all. I’m trying to take it easy this weekend and thank goodness I was able to do that just that. I am able to […]

softball team yahoo gathering 1999

My First Softball Match

.. and what a tragedy it was.. 🙁 This picture was taken in KL in 1999 during a chatters gathering. This was a day after the actual event and this was also the first time I participated in a softball match. It was supposed to be match between the Malaysian and Singapore chatters and since […]

Guitar Strings and such

Guitar strings in Malaysia are relatively more expensive here in Malaysia then in Singapore. So whenever Azwaj runs out of guitar strings and I happen to be in Singapore, I would get him a dozen (or two, depending on on luggage load) for him. I love going to the musical instrument shop (and since the […]

Keeping Busy

I am kinda enjoying NOT doing anything here in Singapore. I mean sometimes it’s nice to not be stressed all the time over deadlines and the thousand of emails that needed replying. I’ve programmed my phone to only notify of messages that I’ve labelled as “IMPT” so not hear it keep beeping is a nice […]

Private Photoshoot

Me and Azwaj had a personal photoshoot the other day to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. Azwaj’s semi-pro camera has this feature that when activated will automatically take pictures when it detects a smile. We had so much fun posing in front of the camera and the pictures turned out really well. So well.. that […]

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