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how to fold a fitted sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet – Martha Stewart Style

We recently bought a daybed and as such bought a few sets of fitted sheets to go along with it. Yesterday one of the kitties puke on the bed (yikes) and of course it got to be washed. After washing and drying, naturally it got to be folded to be stored right. Well it was […]


How to Create a Photography Portfolio

Part of getting ahead as a professional photographer is having experience. Perhaps the best way to showcase your experience is to set up a photo portfolio. You can see for an idea of what an online portfolio or gallery looks like. Potential customers can see firsthand what you’ve produced and get a taste of […]

holder using lotion bottle

How to Make a Holder for Charging Cell Phone using A Lotion bottle

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? Well I do.. because I get awesome tips things that will never occur to me at all. First there was the “How to Store Plastic Bag for Easy Dispensing“, now its how to make a holder for your charging cell using a lotion bottle! Yeap you heard […]

Neat Plastic Bags

How to Store Plastic Bags For Easy Dispensing

I love checking out pinterest for household tips.. It’s easier to check out stuff there coz there are pictures so no need to try to visualize anything. Today I want to share with you one tip that I absolutely love. It’s how to store plastic bags for easy dispensing. Where before my drawers are filled […]

How To Apply Eye Cream

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