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Household Tip: Recycle Kid’s Toothbrush

I got this tip from a local magazine so I thought I share it with you ladies. Rinse clean any used kid’s toothbrush for your children to use as a whiteboard eraser anytime they write or draw on the board. Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***

bay leaf

Household Tips: Keep Bugs Away with Bay Leaves

I found this tip while reading a magazine and thought I share it with you ladies.. Not sure if it works but it’s definitely worth a try if we can get rid of those bugs the natural way right? Anyway: here’s the tip: Put a couple of bay leaves in areas as as drawers, behind […]

holder using lotion bottle

How to Make a Holder for Charging Cell Phone using A Lotion bottle

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? Well I do.. because I get awesome tips things that will never occur to me at all. First there was the “How to Store Plastic Bag for Easy Dispensing“, now its how to make a holder for your charging cell using a lotion bottle! Yeap you heard […]

Neat Plastic Bags

How to Store Plastic Bags For Easy Dispensing

I love checking out pinterest for household tips.. It’s easier to check out stuff there coz there are pictures so no need to try to visualize anything. Today I want to share with you one tip that I absolutely love. It’s how to store plastic bags for easy dispensing. Where before my drawers are filled […]

How to Save On Your Electricity Bill : Air-conditioners

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