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I love my boobs

I Love My Boobs

They say “Prevention is better than Cure”. But what if you can’t prevent it from happening? Then I guess “Early Detection is Key”. So since I love my boobs and I love me, I had my second mammogram done in May 2015. The first time I did my mammogram, I was, for lack of better […]


Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

If you never had one of these, then you best thank you lucky stars coz it seems it is very common in women then it is in men. I know because I had it a few times already. If you develop a UTI, you’re likely to feel a pain or a burning sensation when urinating […]

signs o fbreast cancer

12 Signs of Breast Cancer

One of my aunt just got diagnosed with breast cancer and since there is a history of breast cancer in my family, I want to make sure I am free of it and if I do have it then I get diagnosed earlier than later. So I have made an appointment for a mammogram on […]

VIDEO: Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Workout Shoes

I’ve always wanted tips on finding the perfect shoes in case I ever get off my bums and start exercising.. Well I found it.

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