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My Fibroids Are Back!

A Runaway Thread

I was at my hubs office yesterday when I felt itchiness at the wound where the tube was hanging out of me after my fibroid surgery. When Dr Fauziah removed the tube, I distinctively remembered her cutting all the thread that was holding the tube to my body so I was very surprised looking at […]

The Diagnosis Is Out

Ok, so I called Dr Fauziah’s office today to find out about my urine test. The girl told me that normally if they found anything wrong, they would call the patient immediately so the fact that I did not receive any call or any mail from them means that there is nothing wrong and the […]

Follow up Appointment at the Gynae

Three weeks sure goes by so fast. I had my appointment with my gynae, Dr Fauziah, today for my post-surgery follow-up. She told me that the test on my fibroids show no signs of cancer or any extraordinary finding. Phew! The analysis of the fibroids were: 1. Three fibroids 150grams in weight measuring 4.3×2.5×2.5cm, 4×3.3×2.5cm […]

Fibroid Adventure – The Finale

Continued from Fibroid Adventure Part 2 Sunday, 6 January 2008 My SIL and Emma came early on Sunday, my third day in the maternity ward of Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. Bless her for keeping me company coz I was feeling kind of bored. Dr Fauziah came over on her daily rounds to say that I […]

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