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types of make up brushes

Types of Make Up Brush

I’ve always enjoyed putting on makeup. However my way is the very basic way, foundation, the very minimal eyeshadow, eyeliner (never leave home without it), blusher and lipstick. However, I’ve been watching some awesome videos on fb on some of the techniques that make up artist used and I find it so fascinating. I mean […]


I Love BB Cream

I don’t normally used foundation as sometimes I feel like my face becomes more oily than it usually is. I also don’t like that my nose becomes extra oily making me feel like I need to touch up all the time. Having said that I do love the way my face looks polished with foundation […]

airbrush makeup

Airbrushing Makeup

I don’t use a lot of makeup. The only makeup I use daily are eyeliner and lipstick. However when I do go out for special occasion or when I need that extra boost of confidence, I do tend to go all out. From foundation to blusher, from eye-shadow to even lip liner. Yeap, like I […]

The Eye Makeup Test

New Lip Gloss from Silkygirl

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