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right way to wash your face

The Right Way to Wash Your Face

I found this on facebook and found it useful for me so I thought I share it with my readers.. Enjoy!

Take Care of Your Face

Are you looking for dates but you simply cannot find the confidence to present yourself with your best foot forward? Well, most likely your problem is not your foot – it is your face! No, we’re not insulting you; we’re just letting you know something that you probably already know: If you do not have […]


I Love Glide, My Anti-Blister Solution

So before I forget I wanted to update you on the Anti-blister protectant stick that I bought while in Singapore. It absolutely WORKS! I used it while wearing my Timberland shoe (for the Perennial Feast event)  that had caused me so much pain before and…. NO MORE BLISTERS! I wanted to recommend it to my […]


No More Blisters with Glide

I was complaining the other day about how I got blisters when I wore my brand new pair of Timberland shoes during the grand opening of The Majestic Hotel. Well,  I told  the same story to my cousin when I was back in Singapore and she suggested I try GLIDE.  According to her, her friends used […]

How To Apply Eye Cream

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