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uses for old bottle cap

Use Old Plastic Caps as Fasteners

I found this on facebook and think that it is an excellent idea.. The only thing now is to find a sharp enough scissors or knife to make the cut smooth. I wonder if Azwaj can lend a helping hand in this department.. 😉

Awesome Music Stuff

I love going through Musician’s Friend website with Azwaj. I always learn new things about the music world… and they always seems to have great offer that somehow makes everything affordable.. (dangerous to the Anyway, I found a cool melodyne plugin at Musicians Friend that I think might be useful for Azwaj and his […]

How to Deal with Dry Eyes

Dry eyes syndrome is very common and can affect anyone, at any time. This condition can make the eyes sore, teary, or dry and can even lead to flaking eyelids. Fortunately, there are a number of simple solutions that can provide immediate and lasting relief from the problem. Online stores like EyeEco offer products and […]

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