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A few new trends are revealing themselves in the area of mens dress shirts. Many men who wear them everyday are looking for a fresh dose of style. Here are some of those popular trends. Patterns Checks and plaid patterns are becoming the preference of lots of men this season. If a man wears a dark-colored blazer, a dress shirt featuring a pattern can really spice up the ensemble. It’s an outfit that has a lot of style and yet it’s still business-like. Furthermore, with a pattern dress shirt, a man is able to coordinate it with a tie. For instance, if the dress shirt has blue in its pattern, a blue tie can be an appealing addition to the outfit. Unique Cuffs Lots of men are choosing a dress shirt with unique cuffs. French cuffs are one example. They give a dress shirt an extra element of style. The shirt can be worn alone or with a blazer. Either way, this sort of dress shirt always shows a man in his most appealing light. A Detailed Collar This is another trend that men are really getting into. It looks like a traditional dress shirt in a solid color, but the collar has a particular pattern that is echoed on the cuffs of the shirt. This subtle detail reveals the care a man takes in the way he presents himself. Though this is a small detail, it gives the classic dress shirt additional elegance.




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