How to Create a Photography Portfolio

kristinMichellePart of getting ahead as a professional photographer is having experience. Perhaps the best way to showcase your experience is to set up a photo portfolio. You can see for an idea of what an online portfolio or gallery looks like. Potential customers can see firsthand what you’ve produced and get a taste of your work. You will definitely look more professional and put together when you have a portfolio to display to your clients. They will appreciate knowing what you can do for them and draw from past photographs to get an idea of what they want in a session.


You may wonder where and how you’ll display your photos. You may want to use a hard binder, book, or case to bring to appointments and to set up in your office. Books have a really professional and polished look to them. You can find photography books at art stores, at office supply stores, and from suppliers of photo archive materials. Purchase a plain black book with black pages to keep it simple and to allow the photographs to “pop.” Another option is to buy a case that resembles a lightweight case. This choice is suitable for larger photos since cases can be 5 by 4 feet in size. If you want to go cheaper or need a temporary option, consider using a binder and placing photos in sheet protectors. In addition to a hard copy, it would be wise to have an electronic format for your portfolio. You can convert your photos into digital files and compile them on a portable storage device or upload them online.

Photos to Pick

So which photographs should you show off? Think about your target audience and cater to them. For instance, if you want to do wedding photography, put up your shots from weddings you’ve worked at. It’s usually best to go with a theme to show uniformity. Ten to 15 photos should suffice. Include what you believe to be your best and most impressive pieces. Showcase any unique angles or shots your customers may appreciate. Offer a variety of photos to show versatility. Feature black and white, sepia, colored, and other tones. Incorporate different-sized photos into your portfolio. Spare no expenses and print or display these photos in the best resolution and print settings. For more ideas, go to




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