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Weddings Around the World

I’m sure you have been to at least one wedding ceremony in your life. Whether it’s a relative, a friend or even your own, it must be filled with lots of traditional things that I am sure you are even aware where it originates from. I mean why do western brides wear white? What the […]

dinner tableware

Make Your Food Taste Better with Great Looking Dinnerware

We all know that presentation is part of a great meal. That is why if you lack creativity like me in the food decor department, the best thing to get is great looking dinnerware and a great looking table setup and your problem is somewhat solved unless of course your cooking is less to desired. […]

Business Cards : Done!

I just finished printing two sets of business cards for myself. One is for business contacts with my real name and one for people I meet while on blogging social events. You might wonder why two different sets? Well I go by by nickname when I blog and so if I were to use my […]

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