Shoe Love

I’ve always been more of a handbag than a shoe person. I can’t go by the departmental store and not check out their latest handbag collection. However I don’t go for the branded ones or the extremely expensive one. My motto is the less expensive, the more value for money it is as I can just discard it easily when it gets worn out or when I get tired of it. So in my mind, I can buy as many as I like because it cost a fraction of the branded ones that most ladies will go for.

Recently though I found that I am shopping for shoes more than handbag. On my last trip back to Singapore in February, I bought a pair of bling bling flats then on my latest trip in March, I bought two pairs of the same style of flats but in different color. Mind you, they were extremely cheap and I reckon I would always need shoes right? So I thought I will buy two, leave one pair in Singapore for my use there and bring the other pair back home to wear in KL.

I know I should buy more variety to add to my collection like boots ( I love the one shown here) or open-toe shoes but I find I am loving flats nowadays as they are so comfy!.. but then again, did I mention how much I love this pair? lol!




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  1. Mariuca says:

    Loving the boots dearie! Want to buy la for my next vakasi but worried nanti tak leh jalan properly…then sakit.. then kena beli flat shoes while on vakasi hehehehe!
    My recent post 20-12-2012!

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