My Grief with Bifocals

Have I blogged lately how my bifocal specs is giving me grief? Well let it be on the record now that I am hating my bifocal specs. I mean the idea is great and all that it will enabled me to read stuff without needing to push my specs down my nose but it’s not really doing that well.

Firstly it is always out of alignment which means I need to visit my optician at least once a month to get it realigned so that my focal point remained correct and so I can actually read with the glasses. Second, if I don’t get it aligned and the focal point corrected, it is worst than wearing normal glasses coz then even when I push it to the edge of nose my vision is still not clear which then totally defeats me paying RM1750 for the pair of bifocal right? Third, even with the specs aligned properly and my focal point in place, I still need to move my head about to find the perfect vision to read anything.. Argh.. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

RayBan.RB2132Wayfarer.7675Anyway, Azwaj asked me if making a pair with my regular optician in Singapore would make a difference. To be honest, I really don’t know. I don’t want to spend another thousand bucks or so for another pair that will give me the same grief (might as well buy me a pair of ray ban rb2132 instead) but then I won’t know unless I try right?

What do you think?



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13 Responses to “My Grief with Bifocals”

  1. JeanYummy says:

    Aiks, so expensive la bifocal spec! Thousands over!!
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  2. JeanYummy says:

    i didnt know need to do realignment so often… so troublesome la!
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  3. JeanYummy says:

    hmm…. is it bcuz this optician that u going to is lousy? i don't know.
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  4. JeanYummy says:

    yeahla, understood yr worries. If buat at singapore then still same, wasted lo the money again.
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