Airbrushing Makeup

I don’t use a lot of makeup. The only makeup I use daily are eyeliner and lipstick. However when I do go out for special occasion or when I need that extra boost of confidence, I do tend to go all out. From foundation to blusher, from eye-shadow to even lip liner. Yeap, like I say, I go all out to look polished and “gorgeous”

Anyway, I recently found out about airbrushing makeup and I must say I am extremely curious to find out how it works. The website gave full instruction on how to use the gadget to apply foundation and blusher (me being a gadget girl, simply loves that) and pro tips on how to achieve the look you want. There is a Signature Started Kit as shown below and you can choose three items, namely foundation, highlighter and blusher for USD199.  My interest is peaked.

airbrush makeup

Anyway, I really would love to see a live demo and so I looked around for a video. I found this one and I was like.. WOW!! It’s literally airbrushing your makeup onto your face. I am really impressed though I reckon I would need a lot of practice so as not to look like a clown right? hahahha



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