Jackets Can Get You Through Most Events


When I was a nine to five office personnel, I love wearing jackets and cardigans. I found I can be sporting a casual top for a hot weather but the moment I put on my jacket or cardigan, I am ready to face the corporate world. Of course shorts like the one shown here is a no no for the office but throw a quick slip skirt over it and you are set for that meeting. Don’t you agree?

I don’t use my jackets as often as I would like to nowadays as  I don’t attend a lot of meetings as most of my clients are overseas and we just use Skype as our mode of communication, . Hubby said it’s ok though to wear it at home if I wanted to ..lol (ya he’s funny that way..)

Anyway, I simply love this jacket that this model is wearing. It’s a classic cut with nice soft lapels and the length will correct most figure flaws. It can look formal with a pencil skirt or nicely cut pants or with this sexy shorts, you look awesome enough for a day out shopping or outing with some friends during the weekends! Love it!



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