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Lipstick and Your Personality

Take a look at your lipstick right now and look at it’s pattern..  Does it match your personality? Mine does!   Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***

Cookware for my Halogen Oven

I love my Halogen oven but I am still not sure if I can use my casserole cookware in it. I mean it’s the halogen oven is like a convection oven only it is supposed to speed cooking up and make it taste better. I wonder if it would help if I used ceramic insulators […]

Resting Weekend

I’ve had been extra busy these past few weeks. From rushing out jobs and leaving last minute to Singapore to yet another busy schedule, I have not had moment rest at all. I’m trying to take it easy this weekend and thank goodness I was able to do that just that. I am able to […]


I Love BB Cream

I don’t normally used foundation as sometimes I feel like my face becomes more oily than it usually is. I also don’t like that my nose becomes extra oily making me feel like I need to touch up all the time. Having said that I do love the way my face looks polished with foundation […]


Jackets Can Get You Through Most Events

When I was a nine to five office personnel, I love wearing jackets and cardigans. I found I can be sporting a casual top for a hot weather but the moment I put on my jacket or cardigan, I am ready to face the corporate world. Of course shorts like the one shown here is […]

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