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Great Buy Slippers

I got a pair of the open toe house slippers for Christmas a couple years ago and I must say, these are the cutest and most comfortable slippers I have ever owned. I tend to go barefoot a lot and my heels are starting to show the effects of that, so my mom got me […]


I Love Glide, My Anti-Blister Solution

So before I forget I wanted to update you on the Anti-blister protectant stick that I bought while in Singapore. It absolutely WORKS! I used it while wearing my Timberland shoe (for the Perennial Feast event)  that had caused me so much pain before and…. NO MORE BLISTERS! I wanted to recommend it to my […]


Watch Galore

If you are looking to get a watch as a Valentine’s present for that someone special, well how about getting one from Caravelle by Bulova, the largest selling jeweled watch in America? I know I would love to get one for Valentine’s day or any day for that matter…lol.. Watch is good but JEWELED watch is better right? Cheerio… LadyJava […]

VIDEO: 7 New Ways to Wear Your Black Pencil Skirt

If you are like me, you probably love your black pencil skirt. It’s easy to match and it’s versatile. Something you can wear to work and to a party, if you wear it right of course. Here’s 7 ways tA black pencil skirt is arguably one of the most versatile items in any lady’s closet, […]



Both me and Azwaj are looking for office chairs for the home office. I want a comfortable one that has a high back while Azwaj wants something without handrest. We are also looking for comfy chairs that Azwaj can use while he plays the guitar, something like the ones that can be found on . […]

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