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I used to have clothing for any occasion, from casual to formal black tie event, my choices are endless and if I don’t have anything suitable, I normally just go out shopping so that I have something appropriate to wear to the event. However ever since I stopped working and there is not as many events for me to attend to, my wardrobe is filled with practical everyday wear or workwear apparel which also means that is limited in selection. In fact, when I go shopping and I see anything fancy (no matter how nice) I would think about the number of times I would actually wear the outfit. Many a times, I would choose something more for daily wear and put back that fancy dress back on the rack.

I mean being practical makes sense of course until you have to attend a special function and there is nothing to wear and since it is short notice, you  have no time to go shopping for the perfect dress.. Yikes!

So with that in mind, I am going shopping for something nice, maybe even for this wedding that I am attending this 22nd December. What do you think? Only question is.. Will it make me look fat? lol!




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  1. Wow! excellent collection of dress. Looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow! excellent collection of dress. Looks gorgeous.

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