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Where Are You Envelope?

I am desperately looking for an envelope now but instead of finding some or at even at least one, I found a bunch of different sizes blank address label instead. Isn’t that the case, you always find stuff you don’t need and then when you were looking for it, you never find it.. Argh… Anyway, […]

Neat Plastic Bags

How to Store Plastic Bags For Easy Dispensing

I love checking out pinterest for household tips.. It’s easier to check out stuff there coz there are pictures so no need to try to visualize anything. Today I want to share with you one tip that I absolutely love. It’s how to store plastic bags for easy dispensing. Where before my drawers are filled […]

protein powder

Burn Fat, Build Muscles

I really don’t know how it works but I am loving the fact that each time I look for something from one site, Google always find related sites for me to read or purchase stuff from. I mean I was looking to see how I can lose fat faster and I got this listing on […]

Hungry at 2.30am

I’m hungry at 2.30am in the morning. I want to sleep it off but I have work to do which means I need to stay awake. So.. I reckon i need to eat, finish my work as soon as I can and catch up on my beauty sleep.. Wish me luck. Cheerio… LadyJava   First […]

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