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No More Pain

I love wearing heals but sometimes when you are in a rush and need to run around in them, they can be quiet torturous. Well that was happened to me a while back but it wasn’t because I was running around but rather I was busy too distracted and didn’t see that step in front […]

Buy Gold Online

People always say gold jewelery is a good investment. I mean you buy when prices are low, use as a daily accessory and when you’re tired of it, you can always go to a jeweler and either sell it off or trade it in for a newer design. I know coz my mom just traded […]

Shelving for My Kitchen

I can never have enough cabinet space in my kitchen. Sometimes I wished I can have one of those gondola shelving at to place inside my cabinets so that I don’t have to stack stuff in there. It’s torture when you need something that is at the bottom of the stack. If there was shelving in […]


Ahhh.. Coffee

Coffee.. both me and Azwaj can’t live without them. If it’s not because Azwaj loves his black while I always go with those 3 in 1 ready made ones, we would have gotten one those cheap coffee makers and them it brewing coffee all day long.. haha.. Anyway, I’ve also recently found out that I am indeed […]

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