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Easy Insurance

If you happen to look for a no health check life insurance, well check out the site I’m referring here. You can get a quote by filling out the online form that is available at the site. Once you submit your form, an agent will contact you to review your form and if you qualify […]

The Shopping Mission

My next gadget, as much I would love a blackberry play book or a tablet pc , would be a new laptop. As you know, my laptop is already 3years plus and has no more warranty to it’s name and there are sings of definite aging. She died on me a few times while I was using […]

Guitar Strings and such

Guitar strings in Malaysia are relatively more expensive here in Malaysia then in Singapore. So whenever Azwaj runs out of guitar strings and I happen to be in Singapore, I would get him a dozen (or two, depending on on luggage load) for him. I love going to the musical instrument shop (and since the […]


Lovely Arbors

I love gardens especially if it is well kept like the one at my in-laws. However, since I don’t enjoy gardening that much and we do like in a condo building for now, I will leave the gardening to my father in law…and if ever we do get a home with a garden, Azwaj gonna […]

Keeping Busy

I am kinda enjoying NOT doing anything here in Singapore. I mean sometimes it’s nice to not be stressed all the time over deadlines and the thousand of emails that needed replying. I’ve programmed my phone to only notify of messages that I’ve labelled as “IMPT” so not hear it keep beeping is a nice […]

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