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Bridal Gowns Board On Pinterest

I was researching on some diet pills reviews and got side tracked on the question ” xanogen does it work? “I got further sidetracked when one of the images shown on the search results was a beautiful gown pinned at Pinterest. So I clicked on the image and found a few more.. lol.. Few more turned to […]

New Speakers Please

I am in the market for some very good JBL speakers. The speakers that I have currently does the job but the left side is already not working so much so that sometimes when listening to songs or watching a movie online sounds really unbalanced.  I’m not complaining much though  coz these speakers have been […]

Out Of Stock

Sometimes it irks me so much that our local supermarket here almost always run out of stock. Like earlier today, we were at a local supermarket to get Azwaj a new fan and although there were a lot on display, the first few choices that we wanted were not in stock. So Azwaj got to […]

I Can Wear Earrings Again

I recently found out that I am still able to wear my earrings because the piercing in my ear lobes are not closed up yet despite not wearing earrings for so long. So Yeay for me! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m gonna start shopping for diamond earrings for women or anything (though […]

Get Your Own Flash Website For Free

Although flash website takes forever to load on a slow connection, one cannot deny the lure it has on a visitor that is lucky enough to load them. It is attractive, interactive and definitely more fun than a traditional website with static images. So if you keen to have a flash website of your own, […]

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