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Smelling Like A Rose Garden

During my absence, Azwaj did a little bit of handywork. He installed the bathroom fresher and now my bathroom smells like I’ve just lit a rose candle in there and I am so loving it. He also put up some wall hangers so I can hang more stuff on my wall. I so love it […]


No More Blisters with Glide

I was complaining the other day about how I got blisters when I wore my brand new pair of Timberland shoes during the grand opening of The Majestic Hotel. Well,  I told  the same story to my cousin when I was back in Singapore and she suggested I try GLIDE.  According to her, her friends used […]

Banjo on My Knee

I still recall when I was in the school choir and this was one of the warm up songs.. Banjo on My Knee. And then it become sort of a sing a long session when we go to karaoke because it seems it was so catchy that even people that didn’t know the song will […]

grey hair

They Are Not Grey Hair

Got this from facebook…

awan sheba

Thank You So Much!

OMPaw.. bring out the partagas cigars. We have over 400 LIKES on Awan’s Facebook page since we join the Sheba Catwalk contest! We feel so blessed to have so many supporters and we hope this will continue till at least 30th December when the contest ends. So thank you again to all LIKERS but don’t […]

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