Visit Hotel Chocolat for Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Shopping for valentine’s gifts for your husband or boyfriend can be tricky – guys are sometimes hard to buy for. The old favourites can seem a little uninspiring, but what may seem to be clichéd gifts have become over-popular for a reason: everyone likes them! This may certainly be said about chocolate as a valentine’s gift, but wait – give it a new twist and the whole idea has a new lease of life!

Make your valentine’s gift stand out by choosing luxury chocolate from Hotel Chocolat – the unusually delicious flavour of this rich chocolate makes it well and truly out-of-the-ordinary! This depth of flavour comes from the company’s belief in only using the finest and most wholesome ingredients. Hotel Chocolat only use fine cocoa to make their chocolate, unlike 95% of the world’s chocolate that is made with refined bulk cocoa. The company pays close attention to how their raw product is grown, and is the only British company to have its own cocoa-growing estate – the Rabot Estate on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Other fine cocoa comes from selected growers in South America and Africa.

valentines-gifts-Hotel-Chocolat-8Hotel Chocolat’s range of valentine’s chocolate includes a number of valentine’s gifts for men. The 40% Milk Chocolate Hero Tablet is a rich slab of delicious chocolate to be given to your personal hero. For those who prefer darker chocolate, the same is available in a dark chocolate version: the 72% Dark Chocolate Hero Tablet – a very suitable masculine gift!

Chocolate truffles are rarely the last to be picked from boxes of chocolates – you may have noticed that they’re often popular with men! Classic Champagne Truffles are recommended for men in the Hotel Chocolat valentine’s range for this very reason. These sixteen delicious truffles are made from a classic recipe, featuring soft centres made with real cream and marc de champagne within a crisp shell.

Another good choice for men is the ‘Peepster – Milk Adventure’: a feast of flavours with a selection of mini slabs including milk chocolate, rocky road, and cookie creme. Also check out Hotel Chocolat’s range of fine cocoa chocolate bars made with cocoa from single estates. These bars come in varying cocoa contents ranging from the ‘Purist Bar – 50% Milk with Caramel – Island Growers, Saint Lucia’ to the ‘Purist Bar – 100% Dark Organic – Hacienda iara, Ecuador’. Each bar has a different flavour, and they come with tasting notes to help appreciate the variety and complexity… many men prefer high cocoa content dark chocolate.

So visit Hotel Chocolat online for inspiring ideas when choosing valentine’s gifts for men. There’s truth in the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… take a classic gift like valentine’s chocolate and give it a new twist!


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