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Azwaj Needs to Go Shopping

What is it with men and shopping? Well, maybe not all men but rather MY man.. lol. He simply hates it so much that sometimes even when he needs something, or least, my opinion he needs one, he keeps putting it off. Even when I offer to buy it for him, he has excuses for […]

One More Item for the To Do..

When you have an old car, you tend to expect the little inconveniences that comes along with it. Like today for instance, without rhyme or reason, Azwaj’s Citroen car just decided that it not a good day for travel and decided to not start. Just when Azwaj decided he was going to go for an […]

My Fashion Style is Girly **

Your Fashion Style is Girly You dress to look beautiful and show off what you’ve got ( Dresses, skirts, heels… whatever it takes to turn heads (love these) You love feeling like a girl in any setting (naturally) Even your workout clothes are cute and feminine! (probably, if i work out.. lol) What Kind of […]

Clean, Toner and Moisturise

Nothing beats oily face as the best breeding ground for acne. So to keep your face acnefree, avoid greasy moisturizer especially if you already have oily face. Despite what some moisturizer cream promoter may say, not ALL cream are meant for ALL type of skin. Also do not wear a night cream during the day. […]

Am I Wise?

You know what makes great company for weight loss? Vitamins! Lots of vitamins! I reckon what I’m missing in protein and carbs, I’ll make up for it with vitamin C and Omega capsule and because I’ll probably need iron and folate acid as well, I’ll even throw in some prenatal vitamins, just in case! lol! […]

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