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Where Are You Memory Card?

You know how it feels sometimes when you misplaced something? What’s worse is that it is someone else’s stuff. Well, that is what A is feeling right now. He had misplaced his friends’ memory card and he is searching high and low for it in the study. Albeit, the memory card is a faulty one […]

New Shoes for Stairs Climbing

Today, while walking down to where A parked his motorbike, we decided to count the number of steps we have to take each time we do this activity. The count came to 80 steps, making it 160 steps for the return trip. Hah! that is a lot of steps right? Enough for weight loss you […]

Protecting Your Identity

Just recently I posted about how the email account of my friend was hacked and compromised and how the hacker emailed everyone on the contact list pretending to be stuck in London when him and his family was held at gunpoint and rob. The hacker then proceeded to ask for money from the recipient. Luckily […]

Facts or Myth? – Eye Cures

One of the things I hate about not getting enough sleep is having dark eye circle when I wake up. I heard that tea bags might reduce the effect but have yet to try it out. I also heard about putting cold cucumber on the eyes to reducing swelling and puffiness but again I’m wondering […]

Viva Las Vegas

If you planning to go to Vegas or if you are already in Vegas, don’t forget to check out the Las Vegas Shows show there. I know if I’m ever in Las Vegas for a visit. I would not only take the sights, sounds and scene but part of my budget would definitely be for […]

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