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Never too Late

One of my biggest regret was not going to college to finished off my education. I was having too much fun in junior college that I let my studies go awry and it wasn’t my proudest hour. Now I’m just pure lazy to carry on my education. I can’t imagine myself going to school again […]

Proper Skin Care is Important

Eating oily food has always been bad for a lot of woman. It can cause an outbreak of pimples and also trigger a recurring acne problem. Luckily for me, my skin is so dry that eating oily food sort of improve the situation. lol! However, fear not. For those ladies out there with problem or […]

What Color Lip Gloss Should You Wear?

Have you ever wondered what is the best lip color gloss that suits your personality? Well I found mine.. what’s yours? You Should Wear Plum Lip Gloss Sassy, seductive, and a little dangerous. What Color Lip Gloss Should You Wear? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings! Cheerio… First Commenter Gets FCSB points from LadyJava.Thanks for […]

Viva Las Vegas

I’ve always been facinated with Las Vegas since I was young. From tv shows like Vegas and the current tv series Las Vegas and Crime Scene CSI, the city has all the makings of a great vacation spot. After all, what’s not to love right? There’s entertainment, there’s great shopping and of course don’t forget […]

Patio Furniture for the Living Room?

I’ve talked about my furniture cum scratch pole for the kitties before. Till now we have not really decided if we are indeed going to get furniture at all for the living room. Currently we are sitting on the floor (with carpet) and thinking of what is the best kind of sofa set to get […]

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