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Cooking Away

I love cooking in my new kitchen now, ever since we moved that is. Everything is so streamlined, from the stove to the table top and to the kitchen sink. Nothing is new but it’s the location of where everything is makes it perfect for cooking. And.. the best thing about the kitchen at my […]

I Hate Lizards!

I was peeping at the cats in their rooms when suddenly this lizard appeared out of nowhere. I immediately screamed and run off and head straight to the kitchen to go grab my insect killer.. lol!.. The strange thing was, this lizard suddenly appeared in the kitchen as well and when I sprayed the insecticide […]

BathTub Dreams

What I would love to have in my very own home would be a nice huge bathtub with beautiful Kohler faucets to compliment the whole experience. You see, I’ve never lived in a home where there is bathtub before so it is definitely a must have if ever I were to own my own house […]

A New Desktop For Me Soon!

Miss Fly is still behaving strangely these days. Though I am prepared to buy memory cards if she requires more of it (she’s running on 3gb right now), I’m suspecting that is has something to do with the motherboard. I’m getting her checked out as soon as I get my new pc. I’m just waiting […]

Swing Monkey Swing

How I wished I had some form of digital camcorders, because then I can capture the action of the monkeys swinging from tree to tree right in front of my front door! Yes people, I have a zoo in front of my house! Lol! As much as I get entertained when I see them in […]

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