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Best Fat Burner

What is the best fat burner? Well, don’t ask me.. because I’m still looking. I’m guessing the answer is like, a blockbuster diet as my friends call it, but there must be an easier way than to stop eating. I want something that will enable me to eat and eat but still not worry about […]

My Cosmetic Secret

I guess everyone has one of this. That one thing that you would never leave the house without putting on your face. For me it’s my eye liner because no matter how much sleep I get, my eyes always makes me look tired. So to remedy this.. I turn to my good old eyeliner.. not […]

A New Look for Being Woman

I’ve long wanted to makeover this woman blog of mine but somehow I lost that motivated feeling. Somehow today.. when I was cleaning up my sidebar.. I got the drive and so here’s the new look for Being Woman… complete with a dropdown navigation menu, the latest addition to my blog makeover package 🙂 So […]

I Need A Maid

I need a maid! I seriously do! Between my work online, the unfinished packing and poor baby Anja illness, the apartment is looking like it just cross path with a tornado. I’m not saying in better days, my apartment would like like any of those Outer Banks rentals but still can you believe I had […]

In The Mood to Shop

and so I shall 🙂 I’m nearly going bald now because of the hair pulling from the slow internet connection. Not sure if it’s my internet provider or the internet as a whole! I’ve been pulling hair from this afternoon. So I thought since I’m in the mood to shop, I may as well get […]

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