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Just Stop Eating

While most diet pill works for the masses, there are those that don’t. So it is really up to you to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. So personally for me, cutting down meals always works when all else fails. You might get hungry but it is so worth it when I […]

Cancer in the Family

Nothing sets the momentum of research as fast as when someone in the family contracts a disease or organ failure. And thank goodness there are now various ways to get that information especially from the internet. There’s a cancer patient in the family and we all set to work to find out more about this […]

Insurance oh Insurance

Insurance.. be it life, car or even health. It is always important.. Life insurance provide security, you can’t drive without valid car insurance and well, let’s face it.. without health insurance, the next time you’re hospitalised, it may cost you everything you have so thank GOD for health insurance leads eh! Anyway.. now that we’re […]

Worry Wart

With all the late nights, the massive workload and the endless packing, I’d be very surprise if I gain weight at all this month. I should lose more and then some! Then ..why am I so scared to go on that darn weighing machine? Oh well! at least I know where to go should I […]

Machu Picchu??

When all this business of moving is over, I’m thinking I definitely need to take a vacation. Where? Anywhere! I don’t care.. Be it Machu Picchu travel. Be it European Travel or even just Malaysia Travel.. Just as long as there’s “TRAVEL’ in the list of to-do’s, I will be a happy camper. In the […]

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