Where Are The Parents?

We were out earlier today for dinner and as we always get hungry in the middle of the night, we always get take-away of something light. This time we decided to go with Yong-Tau-Fu. Anyway as we were waiting for the stall owner to get our order done, we saw two children, a boy and a girl, apparently waiting for their parents to pick up them after tuition classes. It was way after 10pm and we were surprised that any parent would let their kids stand by the roadside waiting for them at that ungodly hour for a kid. I mean you don’t need to have Nooka watches to tell the time right?

Anyway, we plan to wait with them (without their knowledge) till their parents come but then a car stopped. The driver chatted with them for a bit and parked close-by then joined the kids again. The boy seemed to know this guy and we figured it must be the tutor or something. He looked like he will stay with them while they waited and so we made our move.

It is so ironic that these days, with the number of crimes and kidnapping ever increasing, parents could be late in picking up their kids especially if it is night-time. I hope nothing happens to the kids but if something did, the parents only have themselves to blame.


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