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We’re Moving

Yes.. we are moving.. and very soon too. Now that both lifts are working at the apartment, there is nothing stopping us from leaving this time. As much as I love it here especially with the apartment layout, it is time to move out simple because the owners are determined to increase the rental 🙁 […]

Change of Careers

I used to love my admin careers. From an admin assistant, I moved on to secretarial line and ultimately to being an executive assistant to the Managing Director of the last company I worked for.. but NOW… I love my blog makeover jobs and my banner creation work and my blogging and anything online! Have […]

Seach is Now Easier

I love the internet. Makes my life so much easier. If before we look at yellow pages for goods and service nowadays even online life insurance quotes are easy to get. All you need to do is search using your favorite search engine for the right keywords and click on the link that you most […]

Some People..

Some people just don’t know when to quit making noise! I live in an apartment building and it seems there some people on top of my floor that does not seems to know night or day. They vacuumed at odd hours and they move furniture which sounded more like wardrobe than tv stands in the […]

No Time!

There’s just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. I just twittered that I wish I don’t have to eat or sleep then maybe, just maybe they’ll be enough time for me to get everything done with extra time for me to have ME time. Perhaps then I can check out […]

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