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Vitamin Wheel

I just love widgets and what’s more if it is a useful one like this one I found recently. It is called the Vitamin Wheel and basically you just click on the little picture and all the nutritional aspect of that item would be revealed to you. Check it out and let me know what […]

New Digital Camera

Azwaj is thinking of getting a digital camera so that we can take better pictures of any events that is going on in our lives. Currently the digital camera that we have is not very good and is only 3.2megapixel. We are looking at a more powerful one that have multiple lens kind of thing […]

I Could Get A Heart Attack

I better get some retail therapy fast and go a sale hunt tomorrow or something because it sure feels like I’m getting a heart attack from this slow internet connection. Again pages won’t load and the non-swirling of that stupid tab indicating that the page is loading is driving me NUTS!!!!! I feel so stressed […]

The War with Ourselves

What is is about woman and their bodies? We are never happy with it! LOL! If we are thin, we are too thin. If we put on a little bit of weight, we are suddenly too fat. Sometimes I think we will never win with this war we wage with ourselves. Having said that, I […]

My True Body Type

What?? Difficult to lose weight?? Oh no!! You Are an Endomorph You have a rounder, softer body type. It’s difficult for you to lose weight. Endomorphs are known for being friendly, generous, and warm. It’s likely that you’re a relaxed person who enjoys good times, good people, and good food. You are warm and affectionate. […]

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