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Have I Told You Lately?…

… that I love chocolates? hahah… Even as I’m typing this, I am like munching on Van Houten White Chocolate with Almond. Oh my God! It is just heavenly.. not too sweet and not to bitter! At the rate I am going, I doubt if the best diet pills can help me lose weight. Oh […]

Neat Ideas from All Over

Here are some neat ideas I found from all over 🙂 To scent your home while you clean it, place a cotton ball drizzled with a few drops of essential oil into the the debris bag of the vacuum cleaner Hand wash wool sweaters with a protein shampoo to make them less scratchy Clean diamonds […]

Going Out of Town

My hubby and I have some business out of town this Wednesday and we may even stay the night so I’m currently busy looking for some economical travel deals that we can take advantage of. It’s only a night stay but we want it to be comfortable. However it’s not going to be a romantic […]

Emergency Money

It’s always been a habit of mine to always have some emergency money somewhere in the house like a cash drawer and some even on me. It’s for those moment when you used up all the cash in your wallet, the nearest ATM is not catering to your bank and you need to take a […]

Get Your Deal at DealSharks

Looking for online promotional codes? Well you don’t need to look no further. Before shopping online just make sure you visit DealShark dot com for the latest promotional offers that is going on. You may just find the right kind of discount coupon codes for the store you’re shopping at. At Dealshark dot com, you’ll […]

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