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While going through my accounts today, as I always do at year-end, I realized that I have to set a bigger budget for medical expenses and to allocate some amount for life insurance matters as I have unpaid debt that would be a burden to my dependents. I have to put looking at low cost […]

Not Too Late

It was only when I was searching for a friend the cheapest car insurance around when I realised that A’s own motorbike insurance and road tax is due this 25th December. That day being Christmas, we have to make sure we get it done latest on the 24th. With all the distractions going on, we […]

Holiday Away

December has always been associated with the holiday period here in Malaysia. Working parents take time off to plan vacations with their kids and couples plan weddings and honeymoon around it as well. Most times the plans for vacations always involved overseas travel. This time around why not plan to go to Florida and perhaps […]

Mobile Homes

I was reading an article on mobile homes today and was amazed not only because it existed but that it can custom-made just like a regular home. The owner can have a choice of many different layout and floor plans that has two, three or even four rooms including indoor plumbing and all at affordable […]

In Need of Rugs

We desperately need to get new rugs for the guest room which is currently my mom’s room since she came last Friday. The one that we have, although not entirely old, is no longer giving life to the room. I need to get something vibrant so that my mom would enjoy her stay more here. […]

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