Cheap Yet Stylish Eyewear

I don’t know about you but I’m blind as a bat without my eyeglasses. I started wearing them when I was 9 years old! And getting the right pair is always a challenge. I would, no doubt, bring someone with me to pick a new pair but I would never really put my trust in them a hundred percent simply because they would be looking at how nice the glasses are but never really get it that it has look good on ME! The sales person are no different as well. They would say “Nice, Nice” but literally mean the frames and not necessarily looks nice on me! And they won’t understand when I say.. “Nope. Not for me!”. This has happened so many times that I eventually had to put on my contacts lenses just for the occasion. After all eyeglasses now cost a bomb.

However, I recently found ZenniOptical. It is this online eyewear store that sells prescription glasses as low as USD8! Awesome really. They have fantastic design and all at affordable prices that even if I got it wrong, I won’t feel the pinch so much! They are able to do because they eliminated the middleman concept. With tough times like this, everyone is trying to save money and what better way to do so by shopping at ZenniOptical. We could now even get Azwaj’s glasses as well

Saving money is the way to go!


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