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Life Ain’t Fair

Sometimes life is not fair. Just the other day someone we know who just got some of his retirement fund wanted to splurge and decided to get himself a gold Rolex watch, the original one. Now here’s the thing, as he was showing it off to friends, someone commented.. “Hey where did you get that […]

I Had Cheese cake!

I had cheesecake yesterday! Boo hoo! I was out at the bank yesterday and we passed this bakery that had those little sinful cakes displayed out at the showcase. I couldn’t resist and bought two pieces. One for me and one for Azwaj. At least I had company in the sinful act..LOL! Oh well.. there’s […]

My Dream Monitor

We were at a clients home today and I noticed that he has this huge LCD HDTV in the living room. He also had it attached to his PC. Wow! I love the display. He had a few browsers open and he could see all of them at one glance. I could sure do with […]

I Can See My Collar Bone

I’m ecstatic I tell you. I’m jumping up and down!!! All because I can see my collar bone again. It’s been a while since I lost it and this morning while drying myself in the shower, I saw it!! LOL! I guess I can put off taking that diet pills for a while because whatever […]

Keep It Regular

Got this tip from RealAge and I think it might just help me with my not-so “regular” habits: If you hate waiting in the bathroom for a movement that’s oh-so-reluctant to happen, try changing your snacking habits. Next time you get the munchies, smear a few celery sticks with a couple of tablespoons of peanut […]

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