Surround Sound Please

Me and Azwaj love watching DVD at home. In fact it is one of our favorite past time if we are not in front of our respective personal computer working, blogging or playing games or when we are not playing with the cats.

Currently we have a 21″ flat screen television set which is alright but not so great in terms of its stereo sound system. It does not have that “WOW” effect when we are watching action pack movies. We got it a while back when we got married and it served it’s purpose well. However, what would really be awesome is to get a cheap 5.1 surround sound home theater speaker system to punch in that “oomph” and complement the television.

Maybe this Raya is a good time as any to get it as there are so many sales going on everywhere. Hmm.. Azwaj, you ready to shop?? heheh!


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