Limit the powdering to the face

Cancer! The sound of that scares me so much. Although I am most likely not be contracting Mesothelioma cancer, the risk of breast as well as cervical cancer is a subject that really hit home since I have an aunt who had breast cancer when she was younger. Thank God though she recovered after surgery.

Everyday researchers are finding more ways that can cause healthy ladies like you and me to contract this deadly disease. One of the ways that I read about is talcum power being placed on underwear.

As much as I love talcum powder, I’ve never been one to put it there. And I am mighty glad of it too, because if what this website say is true, then you ladies better put a stop to it as well. We don’t like ovarian cancer now do we?

Speaking of cancer.. have you done your pap smear yet… Oh dear, guilty, guilty, guilty!

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