I Wish For Cheap Textbooks

I love learning new knowledge. One thing that I’m learning right now is html coding simply because I love tweaking my blog templates to match them to my style. Sometimes though “hands-on” kind of thing just don’t cut it as you need to know some basic foundation otherwise, you may end up with a not-so right template.

Like this blog template for instance. Originally it had a broad post area and a tiny sidebar. I wanted a medium sized entry area and a reasonable sized sidebar. After tweaking here and there, all looks good on Firefox but unfortunately not so great on IE browser. I had to figure it out by comparing against my other blog templates. Thank goodness everything worked out.

So now, I want to look for cheap textbooks on html coding somewhere but the question is where. Most books are hard cover which means they are going to cost a bomb.

Ah well.. I guess it’s back to that trial and error method for now.


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