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Homecare As An Option

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to look after our aged parents or even a sickly loved ones. This could be due to a lot of reason primarily I would think would be work. I mean how are supposed to earn a living if we don’t work right. However, at the same time […]

Surround Sound Please

Me and Azwaj love watching DVD at home. In fact it is one of our favorite past time if we are not in front of our respective personal computer working, blogging or playing games or when we are not playing with the cats. Currently we have a 21″ flat screen television set which is alright […]

I Wish For Cheap Textbooks

I love learning new knowledge. One thing that I’m learning right now is html coding simply because I love tweaking my blog templates to match them to my style. Sometimes though “hands-on” kind of thing just don’t cut it as you need to know some basic foundation otherwise, you may end up with a not-so […]

Salt For Your Coffee and Tea Stain

I’m sure like me, most of you are either coffee or tea drinkers. Though the drink itself is heavenly in taste and can really perk up the mornings, getting rid of those stains from your cups must not be fun. Here’s a tip that I find most useful. All you need to do is just […]

Track That Call

I had this caller that persistently called me since my picture, name and phone number appeared at the local paper for this multi-level marketing program that I enrolled in. I was so mad at the company for doing that without permission that I immediately withdraw from the program. However, the damaged was already done. Anyway, […]

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