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It’s Never Too Late!

A friend of mine who is going on 40 next year is thinking of getting life insurance for herself. Initially she thought that it was too late for her to get an insurance policy but after talking to me about the importance of one especially since she has a 10 year old boy, she decided […]

Cattle Talk

I was watching a local women’s show on television recently and they were featuring this lady who turned cattle supplies into a lucrative business. It’s not easy she said because she started with no experience whatsoever but with well-trained staff and a great mentor, she is now a very successful cattle supplier here in Malaysia. […]

Acne Treatment

All ladies knows what a dread it is to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and see an acne attack. It’s no fun at all and for sure you’ll feel like crawling back to bed or putting a huge paper bag over your head before leaving the house. Well, I always say prevention […]

So Many Kinds of Lawyers

You know I always thought that all lawyers would know anything as long as it involves the law. Little did I know that they are so many kinds of lawyers out there and that they specialized in their respective fields as well. much like doctors. For instance a truck accident lawyer might know nothing about […]

Consider a Branson Vacation!

It’s never too early to plan a vacation especially when it involves the kids. This time around why not try Branson? Branson offers a host of activities that the whole family can get involved with together. Their attractions and events include Museum visits, Rides and Thrills, Water rides, Go-Karting, Miniature Golf Courses, Golf, Caves and […]

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