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I’ve always been lucky with my career choices. I was very fortunate to have worked for great companies and even greater immediate superiors. And I have employment agencies to thank for it. Working with the right employment agencies, making sure they know what kind of companies you want to work for can really open up your horizon. Sometimes human resources department from major corporations would rather work with reputable agencies who would have done the shortlisting for them as a first step. They would rather not waste time with the multitude of resumes to screen through and would rather leave that stage to the employment agencies.

Now with the internet, registering with reputable employment agencies is even easier. Registering and looking for an administrative jobs in Los Angeles or a sales position in other parts of States or the world for that matter is just a click away. So if you are looking for a career or a switch in employers, make sure you register and keep that resume updated. You’ll never know when they’re gonna call you for your next interview 🙂

Good Luck!

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